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Radiation Analysis and Characteristics of Conformal Reflectarray Antennas: Analysis of Design Optimization of Bandwidth and Loss Performance of Reflectarray Antennas Based on Material Properties: Neural Network Characterization of Reflectarray Antennas: Recent Developments of Reflectarray Antennas in Dual-Reflector Configurations

ABSTRACT A new linearly polarised phase-shifting cell for reflectarray applications is presented. It consists of three parallel rectangular slots etched in a ground plane and loaded with a combination of variable and fixed capacitances to provide a 2-bit phase-shifter. 2010 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International ... 2010 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International ... p Patch Antenna by Ground Plane Edge ... A Ku-band Reflectarray Using Variable Rings and Slots on the ... Miniaturized Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna Design for Ku ...

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The lowest impedance signal return path is in a plane directly under the signal trace. Slots in ground planes divert the ground current flow (see figure), thereby producing a high ground impedance (Inductance) and a ground plane voltage drop that is the cause of increased emissions from the cables connected to the board. CiteSeerX — Reflectarray Antennas

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A novel structure using a variable microstrip ring with a slot ring on part of the ground plane is proposed as an auxiliary unit cell in a reflectarray. A progressive phase range larger than 682° has been achieved by changing the sizes of the microstrip rings and adding slot rings on part of the ground plane. A K-band reflectarray has been fabricated and shows very good performance.

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A unit cell composed of a microstrip ring and a slot on the ground plane is presented. The phase response range of the unit cell at 18 GHz is over 440° with a smooth phase variation. A Ku band reflectarray is designed and measured at 18 GHz to verify its performance. The maximum gain and half-power beam width is 31.7 dB and 4.7°, respectively. Reflectarray Element Based on Aperture-Coupled Patches With ... Abstract: A phase-shifter element for printed reflectarrays with more than 4 cycles of phase delay is presented in this work. The proposed reflectarray element allows very linear phase curves and is based on the combination of two previously studied and demonstrated concepts: variable length slots on a ground plane and patches coupled through a slot to variable length lines. US6774851B1 - Antenna with variable phase shift - Google Patents

The predicted shape is being represented here by a dummy variable “S” where S .... An SMA connector with a 6.8 mm long pin (1 mm for ground plane, 5.1 mm for air-gap, .... Pirinoli P. Neural network characterization of reflectarray antennas.

The present invention relates to a reflectarray antenna. The reflectarray antenna comprises a dielectric substrate layer disposed on a ground plane. An array of radiating elements such as microstrip patches of similar size are arranged into a regular lattice configuration on the top surface of the substrate layer. A periodic configuration of slots of variable size are provided at the bottom ... Varying Slot Lengths Strip Loading Squared Dielectric ...